Two Canadian Companies are presently engaged in the commercialization of Pass-through distillation.

One is Fielding Chemical Technologies Inc., Canada’s foremost chemical recycler. Fielding is building a PTD pilot plant for advanced treatment of hazardous industrial waste.

The other is Drystill Holdings Inc. This is a start-up technology company that has invented and patented equipment specifically for PTD, including the Stripper/Absorber Module (SAM) described in the fifth and sixth lectures of PTD 101. Fielding’s pilot plant is being built around a Drystill SAM prototype.

IMG_0884 - Copy

This is a picture of Drystill’s prototype SAM. It contains 100 heat pipes 25 mm in diameter and 550 mm in length.


Here is the same SAM installed on Fielding’s pilot plant framework.

Click here to see a video of SAM at work.

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